Pamper yourself, relieve stress, unwind, restore your energy, and feel great with one of our signature massage treatments.

Swedish Massage

••30/60 minute••

This classic Swedish massage will deeply relax tense muscles, detoxify the body, and rejuvenate the mind.


Prenatal Massage

••60 minutes••

Relieve the aches, pains, stress and tension. Performed after the 1st trimester, you will be asked to position yourself on your side and pillows will be placed under your head, along your torso and in between your legs for support.

Deep Tissue Massage

••30/60 minutes••

For those really tense and painful areas, try our deep tissue massage.  Using a variety of muscle release techniques our therapist will work within your pleasure/pain threshold to release and relax chronic tension.


••60 minutes••

Reflexology is a system of applying pressure to certain points on the feet. Based on the same theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure, specific points on the feet are regarded as corresponding to organs and tissues in the body. Stimulating these points has a beneficial effect on the area of the body connected with the specific reflex.


Hot Stone Massage

••60 minutes••

Hot Stone massage therapy utilizes heat-retaining basalt lava stones to balance the mind and body. The use of massage technique in conjunction with the stones assists with and directs vital flow of energy to areas of blockage.