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New Pod Spa & Wellness center opens in Long Beach

Joe Dziemianowicz

Newsday's Elisa DiStefano got a tour of the newly opened Pod Spa & Wellness in Long Beach, which offers wellness and fitness services in one location, including skin care treatments, infrared heated saunas, IV hydration and more. Credit: Anthony Florio

Good things come in threes. Pod Spa & Wellness owner Jason Polete, 52, calls his new Long Beach business “a perfect trifecta,” offering beauty, wellness and fitness services in one location.

In the works for three years and delayed since 2020 by the pandemic,the facility celebrated its official grand opening in September. With everybody keener than ever when it comes to self-care, cutting stress and boosting wellness, Polete believes the timing is right. “Spas are for everyone,” he says. 

Pod Spa services include the latest technology in skin care treatments, facials, hair removal, infrared heated saunas, IV hydration, injectables to erase telltale lines, and a cryo chamber for easing inflammation and post-training strain. 

Want to meditate in a Himalayan salt cave? Go for it. Polete does. “I focus on mental health and wellness. I like spending time in the salt cave,” he says. “Facials are great too. We can all use a little freshening up.”

At the spa’s Rooftop Fitness Studio, visitors can take yoga, toning, rowing and other classes to stay in shape. In nice weather workouts are held in an adjacent open-air space. Exercise sessions are designed to be small, for around 12 to 18 people. 

Pod Spa’s overall philosophy is about inclusivity. “I want it to be a community-centered place,” says Polete, who lives in Island Park. “I’m really focused on keeping prices affordable.” 

Private and group rates for sauna and salt cave services range from $30 to $60. Cryo chamber services run $35 to $60. Hair removal runs $30 to $150, depending on the area. Facials start at $150. Fitness passes cost $40 and up.

The name Pod Spa suggests a cocoon-like atmosphere, and Polete is down with that. “We have advanced technology,” he says, “but we really developed the space to be comfortable for everyone.”

Pod Spa & Wellness is located at 221 E. Park Ave., in Long Beach. Closed on Monday, spa hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sunday; 888-766-8889,

By Joe DziemianowiczSpecial to Newsday

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